Film Review: Jungle


Check out our film review of indie Jungle starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Synopsis: A group of friends join a guide for a trek into the Bolivian jungle, searching for an Indian village. The men soon realize that the jungle is a difficult place to be.

Reviewer’s thoughts: 

Jungle questions the purpose of existence. In doing so, Yossi Ghinsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) decides to explore into the dark, unseen forest of the unknown parts of the Amazon. But it’s more than an exploration film. The heart of the film is human connection and the bond these young men shared in their journey. This ultimately led to one’s rescue and another’s disappearance.

There were moments where the audience was left feeling like something wasn’t right. That feeling you get when your intuition is screaming inside to rethink your decision. But you keep going, keep convincing yourself that it isn’t so bad, you’ll be fine. You have to be fine, right?

The film gave an element of suspense and the most intriguing question I was left with is, “Who was Carl??” Was he simply a man that was also a victim of circumstance? Was he a con artist? Did he murder/ escape those he took into the forest on these escapades or did he too meet his demise? Is he laughing it up in a far away place off the grid? The truth is, we will never know. And maybe that’s the point, as life presents itself full of questions. Maybe we’re not meant to know.