Filipino Authors Share Their Favorite #Romanceclass Books


If you love reading romance books as much as Hollywood News Source does, you’ll probably love this post like a lot. Today, we invited some of our favorite #romanceclass authors to share their personal favorite books. You can expect a lot of swooning and toe-curling recommendations.

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Six de los Reyes, Author of Beginner’s Guide

I think about Valentine’s Day and there’s really only thing that comes to mind: Love isn’t easy. It can’t be. Nothing worthwhile ever is, and having said that, here are my two current favorites and my recommendations for all the fuzzy feelings to get us through another February 14th.

Iris After the Incident by Mina Esguerra

I can’t express how much I appreciate this book’s existence. Without giving much away, Iris is going through a difficult time in her life, and that is getting back up after a fall. Sometimes, the hardest part isn’t the event horizon itself, but the Back to Normal when you’re piecing together what’s left after the storm. It’s the kind of book you read to remind you that no matter what happens— what has happened— there’s a happy ever after waiting for us somewhere beyond the debris. We all deserve a second chance at life and at love, and no one can decide otherwise.

If the Dress Fits by Carla de Guzman

I’ve recently finished reading this book, and can I just say this is what we all need in our lives: a reminder that we are awesome because we are who we are and no one has the right to say otherwise. I think one of the most difficult battles we face during the season is the feeling of being unloveable for being who we are, but this serves as a reminder that somewhere out there someone thinks the sun shines out of the cracks of our broken hearts. We just have to look hard enough. Or maybe get a better mirror to reflect back the good things about us that are invisible to our eyes.

These two books really made an impact on me, and I hope you all love it as much as I do. Make you believe in the elusive happy ever after all over again. Happy Reading!

Carla de Guzman, Author of If The Dress Fits

I love my #romanceclass books and I love them in all shapes, sizes and forms. It’s hard to choose three! But I chose these based on how much I love them, and how fun they would be to read for Valentines. As if we needed another excuse to read a romance book!

Dare to Love – CP Santi

I dare anyone to tell me that there’s anything sexier than a man with tattoos sleeping on your bed. Alex and Gia are old enough to not be bogged down by petty issues, which magnifies their story even more. I love Gia’s background as a restoration architect, only because we need more of those here in the Philippines, with the priests and all. I also have a weakness for guys who love kids, so I was hooked. Besotted. In love with Alex.

The Bye Bye Bouquet – Chi Yu Rodriguez

Because what’s a more appropriate Valentine’s Day read than a book about a florist? I’m also a sucker for hate to love you stories, and Warren and Meile are definitely fit that category. Their journey to love may be complicated, but it’s fun to read, with all the flowers you will ever need lining the way.

Wired Differently – Chris Mariano

A little offbeat, but I love this set of short stories by Chris Mariano. All the stories are romance, and all these stories are sci-fi themed. I love them all for different reasons. Some of them are sad, some of them are happy and sweet, but most of all I’m just happy that a compilation like this exists!

Tara Frejas, Author of Scandalized

Choco Chip Hips by Agay Llanera

Agay Llanera served up love in different forms in this touching YA novel about an overweight girl who discovers a newfound fulfillment in dance. And what’s Valentine’s Day without some chocolate and sweets? This one has A LOT…you might want to keep some cookies or cake nearby before you read it.

The Playlist Series by Jay E. Tria

It’s different kinds of heartbreak and finding the strength to move forward and make new choices so you could be happy again, told in Jay E. Tria’s lovely, poetic prose. Plus, there’s a quirky, fun band that creates pretty songs. And a hot Japanese celebrity. What more do you need?

Learning to Fall by Mina V. Esguerra

My first sports romance, and perhaps the first book that made me realize how alpha males can be beta heroes too… if that even makes sense. Mina V. Esguerra created a perfect hunk of a boyfriend to match a lovely go-getter of a lady. No wonder everyone’s aboard SS Stayson.

Mina Esguerra, Author of Learning to Fall

My Valentine recs in no particular order…

If The Dress Fits by Carla de Guzman

I love a “best friends to lovers” story, and adored the comfortable, charged friendship between plus-size force-of-nature Martha and veterinarian bookworm Max. Definitely a fun and hopeful Valentine read.

Prep and Prejudice by Miren B. Flores

It’s a beach romance, an “enemies to lovers” snark fest, and subtle but layered class commentary. Love Miren’s writing and her portrayal of these crazy rich people — and the outsider who finds herself falling in love in the midst of the mess. 

Don’t Tell My Mother by Brigitte Bautista

There’s so much to unravel in this story: it’s Filipino characters, F/F, it’s age difference, and how religion and the community can be both supportive and stifling. The kind of read you’ll want if you’re looking for brave on Valentine’s Day.  

Agay Llanera, Author of Another Word for Happy

Cover (Story) Girl by Chris Mariano

One of the first books I read from #romanceclass, this book made a lasting impression on me because it was told from a guy’s perspective. Here’s a straight-laced, nerdish Filipino working in the island museum, and he falls for the most unlikely girl– an impulsive, mysterious Korean tourist.  How does that work out? But it does, it does–in swoon-worthy ways, in prose so tender and beautiful that both the writer and reader in me gives Mariano a standing ovation. The story is set in Boracay, a ubiquitous setting for local films, TV shows and other forms of entertainment, but Mariano manages to put a fresh spin to the place since she’s a local of the island’s province.

Songs of our Breakup (Playlist Book 1) by Jay Tria

I’m cheating a bit because this book is only the first of an ongoing series, which includes three books so far, and I love all of them! But the stories are meant to be read in order so read this first if you want to dive into the exciting world of an indie rock band who has already sort of made it. The premise is Jill’s (the singer) bad breakup with the band’s guitarist and I guarantee that at the end of the book, you’ll be wanting more. Tria’s writing is way cool and fast-paced, which mirrors the bands’ songs–the lyrics of which are also incorporated into the story.