Exclusive: Third Track, “4U”, Of The 12|4|12 Project Hit iTunes October 7th And CIDER SKY Answers A Few More Of Our Questions


“4U” is now available on iTunes!

This past Friday saw the release of CIDER SKY’s third single from their ongoing new project, 12|4|12. CIDER SKY states that 4U is, “about as experimental as we get!” “Shridhar’s brainchild” is already scaling the iTunes Alternative Chart in Spain and the positive support from fans via social media is palpable. We have observed some chatter, mainly via Facebook, questioning the possibility of a “hard copy” release, so this was at the top of our list of inquiries for this month’s interview:

HNS: After all the songs are released will this be an actual album available in hard copy?

CIDER SKYYes, we’d like to document this process by making a limited edition vinyl hard copy of these 12 songs, entitled 12|4|12. (Are you excited?! We sure are!)

HNSHow are the songs written? Are lyrics written and then put to music, the opposite, or a bit of both?

CIDER SKYEvery time we write our process is different. We can start with chords, a melody, a concept – even just a feeling.

HNS: Do you have any dream collaborations?

CIDER SKYYes! Millions! We love and admire so many artists, writers and producers. We don’t even know where to start!

HNSInterests outside of music?

CIDER SKYShridhar boxes and cooks. He makes really fancy cakes. Simon does yoga, gardens and manages her dog’s Instagram account (@wiggythepuppy). 

HNSDo you have causes and/or efforts you support or wish to in the future?

CIDER SKYYes! We’re passionate about helping marginalized youth, animal rights and mental health awareness. 

Check back next month for song release #4 and another exclusive interview with CIDER SKY!!