DAMSEL Review: Swords, Dragons and Princesses


DAMSEL: A damsel is a young, unmarried woman. [literary, old-fashioned] He keeps coming to the aid of this damsel in distress.

Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) stars as Elodie, a very compassionate, dutiful, and courageous young woman in a far away land, whose kingdom and people have been suffering through a lack of resources. She agrees to marry a prince from a very wealthy kingdom which will help her family and people to prosper for generations to come. Princess Elodie soon learns after marrying Prince Henry (Nick Robinson) that this all comes at a price, and discovers a terrifying dark secret as she becomes the latest young woman to have her life sacrificed to pay off an ancient debt which has been going on for centuries, that keeps the Kingdom prosperous. Alone, and at the mercy of a vengeful and bloodthirsty Dragon, Elodie must rely on her wits, instincts, and courage within to rescue herself and seek justice for the many young women who were victims before her and finally stop the violent cycle of innocent lives being stolen. It is the tale of a young woman who comes of age going on a journey in the darkest of circumstances, loses her power and then battles through literal blood, sweat, and tears to get that power and choice back. There are a good few dark secrets in this story that offer the question – at what price are you willing to pay to prosper? Your soul, your ambitions, your freedom, or far more?

Millie Bobby Brown also serves as executive producer and does a good job of carrying the film as the lead. Her charisma and screen presence shines through as you feel her fear, confusion, anger, disgust, and other emotions. Millie has an uncanny ability to express herself through her eyes and facial expressions, engaging with the audience without saying many words, something that will continue to evolve as she gains more experience as a performer and young actress. She is supported by a powerhouse veteran cast with Angela Bassett playing her stepmother/ Lady Bayford, Ray Winstone as her father/ Lord Bayford, and Robin Wright as Queen Isabelle. Damsel reached #1 in the ratings for Netflix during its release in March this year.

Elodie: “There are many stories about chivalry where the heroic knight saves the damsel in distress. This is not one of them.

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