Cover Reveal of ‘Caged’ by Karina Espinosa


You might know Karina Espinosa as one of the bloggers here at Hollywood News Source or you might have known her from her Urban Fantasy series, the Sins of the Fallen, the Mackenzie Grey. Today, we are sharing the cover of Caged, the sequel novel in Mackenzie Grey saga.

You can see the HQ cover below together with the synopsis.




It’s hard out there for a lone-wolf.
Mackenzie Grey has started a brand new life in an attempt to escape the Brooklyn Pack. She settles in as a detective in a special unit of the LAPD when her identity is put at risk, and she has no choice but to run again. The question is: does she want to run forever?
As events force Mackenzie to confront her past, she is met with many surprises—including the revelation of her true ancestry. When Packs across the country learn of who she is, Kenz becomes the object of desire in a deadly wolf hunt, and she must once again fight to keep her freedom. Witnessing first-hand the barbaric treatment of Lunas, Mackenzie has to make a choice—follow the prediction of her Vision Quest or let herself be CAGED… 

Cage releases on April 26th, 2016. Add it on Goodreads.


Author’s Bio:

Karina Espinosa is the Urban Fantasy author of the Sins of the Fallen series and the Mackenzie Grey novels, and a blogger for Infatuated with travel, pop culture, and the need to write everything down, she spends much of her days in front of a computer working on her next book, shopping online, and listening to music. With nomadic tendencies, she is currently resting her head in South Florida until the itch to move strikes again. You can usually catch her on Facebook, Instagram and live-tweeting during episodes of The Walking Dead and Orphan Black. Follow her on social media!

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