‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ series finale: A very NOICE ending

Photo via Madeline Klepec

Series finales are always bittersweet. On one hand, you can rewatch the series in its entirety whenever you like; but on the other hand, it’s over for good. Unless a movie comes along, in which then, I would be real excited about. However, shows do have to come to an end, and unfortunately, it was Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s turn. Keep reading to see what I thought about the series finale because I know you’re on the edge of your seats to know!

The Laughs

To nobody’s surprise, the series finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was chalk full of laughs. The one moment that stood out to me was when Amy and Jake were talking and mentioned the theme song — that they were just getting some food but looked so intense walking. It was a fun little call-out to something that wasn’t supposed to be part of the show. Like, at all. Another hilarious moment was Charles correcting Jake on how to pronounce his son’s name…just like he always did.

We also can’t forget Terry’s Kool-Aid Man wall smash at the end of the episode. Those muscles were put to a good use after all! The hour-long episode had some great laughs, but it also made you smile at the sincerity of some scenes. I admit, I teared up a little, but how can you not when your favorite show is coming to an end? Again, why do shows have to end? Unfair.

Also, Jake trying to recreate his Backstreet Boy moment was pretty amazing, too. I remember seeing that scene YEARS ago, and asking myself why I wasn’t watching the show at the time. I knew I had to start watching it asap.

The memories

No series finale is complete without characters from past seasons and episodes coming back one last time. It’s always good to see Gina and know that she’s still…well, Gina. Let’s not also forget Bill and how life has clearly not been so kind to him.

I enjoyed seeing everyone; however, the #1 cameo has to go to Teddy. Of course it wouldn’t be a conclusion without Teddy trying ONE LAST TIME to propose to Amy. Classic Teddy — he’s a mess, but we stan.

Speaking of memories, as seen in the feature image, I got to experience a San Diego Comic-Con with the show having been in attendance. Not once but twice! In fact, I was lucky enough to interview the cast in 2019, and I am still in shock about it, if we’re being honest.

The endings

One thing I cannot stand is when finales come and go and the endings are up to interpretation. No, I want you to tell me what happens. I’m real demanding like that. Brooklyn Nine-Nine told me what happened with all the characters, and for that, I am thankful.

Because I shipped Amy and Jake, we have to talk a little more in-depth about their characters’ endings. Jake decided to quit his job to stay home with Mac while Amy slayed at her new job. It isn’t often that we see the man be the stay-at-home parent, and I found it incredibly amazing he wanted Amy to live out her dreams. That also shows how much Jake, as a character, has grown since season 1. Because let’s face it, he was not the most mature man out there. So, to see him put aside his dream for his wife was just wonderful. Plus, he was more than happy to do it because he didn’t want to turn out to be like his father. That is called character development af.

Each character’s story was wrapped up perfectly, like Terry becoming Captain; Charles staying a detective for the Nine-Nine; Holt and Kevin rekindling their marriage (with Cheddar in tow — can’t forget Cheddar); Rosa still being an awesome strong and independent woman; and Hitchcock and Scully still being Hitchcock and Scully.

Overall thoughts

Final thoughts: it was a very NOICE ending to a series that never failed to make you laugh. The loose ends were all tied up quite well. I might need to rewatch the series from start to end now. Plus, that binder necklace that Jake gave Amy was just so sweet. I loved it! Overall, I’d give it a perfect score, not that I have a scoresheet or anything, but I thought you should know my opinion.

What did you think of the series finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine?