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This Is Not a Farewell Addicted Series

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I have a confession, I actually wrote this post last May as part of the Addicted series Love Fest hosted by the Fizzle Force admins, but I chickened out. I had no intention of publishing it, but after I finished my Addicted series reread last week, I have this mighty itch to get even more emotional. And, […]

Hollywood News Source’ Favorite NA & Romance Books of 2015

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As promised this is the week of cultivating my favorite reads from 2015. Of course, this week long celebration wouldn’t end without the highlight of my dearest New Adult and Romance genre. In alphabetical order, this is the Top 12 Books that left a remarkable impression on me. I highly recommend them. Black Rainbow by […]

Long Way Down Promo Tour: Traveling Board Game

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Welcome to the Long Way Down tour! In case you haven’t been paying attention to Hollywood News Source and I, you may not realize I am a huge fan of the Addicted Series. These books have carved a special place in my heart. Ryke and Daisy are not only famous for their selflessness and cute banter, they […]