TV Review: Outlander S2 Episode 2 “Not in Scotland Anymore”- SPOILERS


If you were able to watch last night’s Outlander episode, “Not in Scotland Anymore,” you know Jamie and Claire are entering a rough patch.  Last night we were introduced to French society, Bonney Prince Charles, Alex Randall, and Jamie’s struggle to return to normal after his rape (which I will unprofessionally diagnose as PTSD).

Here’s what I liked about the episode:

Jamie.  I feel like I don’t need to say anything else, but I will.  Sam Heughan is amazing and he took Jamie down many different paths last night as he struggled to fit in to French society, maintain a connection with his wife and forget his rape.  He was captivating.


Not to be outdone: Claire.  She’s pulling out every feminine wile she has to get her husband’s interest and help him move past what he’s going through in his mind.  She waxed her “honey pot,” for goodness sake, we KNOW that hurt like a you-know-what.  And she designed the Red Dress to get his attention.  Which it did (he wasn’t happy she was showing her goodies, but I think seeing the Nipple Dress later put that in perspective for him).


Murtagh. What a good, loyal, intense friend he is to the Frasers.  And to Scotland.  He is watchful and soaks up everything going on around him.  And his was the only kilt seen last night (insert “sigh” here).


We learned some important things last night.  We learned that Bonney Prince Charles is an idiot who has never even been to Scotland but knows God has destined him to lead the Scots.  We learned that Jamie is expending a lot of energy to keep it all together.  We learned that Paris fashion was extravagant to the “Nth” degree (and that the Outlander costume designers are as incredible as we suspected).  We learned that Black Jack Randall is alive (Booooo) and that his brother, Alex, is in Paris and, thus, trouble is brewing.

I enjoyed watching Jamie and Murtagh spar on the lawn.  It seemed the most relaxed Jamie was the entire episode and I enjoyed the interaction between the two friends.   I also loved Claire’s new friend, Louise De Rohan, who is a hoot and started the whole waxing-the-honey-pot trend.

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Next week’s episode is a million hours away, so fill in the gap by posting your thoughts.  What did you think?  What was your favorite part?