“Things We Never Got Over” Book Review


Before I start this review, I’d like to note I don’t remember the last book I read. Nonetheless, the last book I read where I was at work and was like to my coworker, “I can’t wait to go home and read my book.” Seriously, I have been in a major slump, and I’ve been looking for something to get me over the slump. Well, good news, “Things We Never Got Over” is exactly what I needed!

“Things We Never Got Over” is a monster of a book — just the way I like them! Even though it’s a massive book, it kept me entertained throughout the almost 600 pages. Yes, I meant it when I said it was a HUGE book. But I couldn’t stop flipping those pages.

While I didn’t love the main characters, I really enjoyed the side characters. However, I was still so wrapped up in Naomi and Knox’s relationship progress. I am a sucker for romance.

What I really enjoyed was the relationship Knox had with Naomi’s niece, Waylay. It was sweet and a refreshing side plot line to all the drama and overall craziness. Waylay’s absentee mom, Naomi’s evil twin, wasn’t there for her, so I’m glad she had multiple people. It was also cute to see Naomi’s parents interact with their granddaughter they never knew they had. They were sweet moments in times of absolute chaos. For a small town, it sure did come with a lot of drama. But that’s what kept me flipping the pages of this book.

I needed a quick, witty read, and this book was exactly that. Thanks, BookTok for the recommendation — I knew I could rely on TikTok for something. This book was a fast-read with enough drama, comedy, macho manliness and spice to keep you reading into the late hours of night. Whoopsies.

Romance is my main genre that I devour, and while Knox wasn’t all that romantic, this book was centered around the romance of the main characters. As far as spice level (because I know that’s what the people want), I’d give it a 3.5, bordering on a 4. So, there ya go.

The author’s writing was like you were having a conversation with your friends, which I like. Even when the topic got a little deep, it wasn’t to the point where you felt stressed or anxious about what happened next because you can rely on Lucy Score to break the tenseness of a scene with some witty quips when needed. And yes, she does deliver a happily ever after between Naomi and Knox, but I’ll let you find out the inbetweens of the story for yourself. So much drama and tension of all kinds sizzling between the pages. Trust me on that.

Notable mentions and after thoughts after reading:

  • Naomi really scored with the free cottage.
  • Waylay was a good addition to the book, and I feel like she balance Naomi out.
  • Tina literally was the worst person EVER. Like, bye, Tina!
  • Naomi’s mom was such a typical mom that it made me laugh.
  • Wasn’t totally in love with Knox’s macho man displays.
  • This book was pretty H-O-T.

Overall, this book really entertained me, and so, I am onto the next Lucy Score book. I can totally see “Things We Never Got Over” as a movie, and listen, I would be HERE for it. Although, it isn’t the other books within this series. Have you read this book? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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