YA Series THE JENNA FOX CHRONICLES Coming to the Big Screen

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The Jenna Fox Chronicles is being brought to the big screen from Dolphin Films. Check out the news below!


Dolphin Entertainment’s Dolphin Films imprint is getting into the dystopian young adult fiction game, having secured the rights to author Mary E. Pearson’s Jenna Fox Chronicles trilogy, as well as the adapted screenplay of the trilogy’s first novel The Adoration of Jenna Fox, written by Garry Williams.

Set in the near future, a time of antibiotic-resistant bacterial diseases and devastating natural disasters, the series follows Jenna Fox, a teenager who wakes from a year-long coma with no memory of what happened to her or who she is. As she struggles to remember her life, she discovers strange inconsistencies and experiences increasingly troubled interactions with the people who knew her, learning that the answers may have severe consequences for her, her family and friends, and society at large.

Source: Deadline