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Animated film import The Guardian Brothers has cast Bella Thorne to provide one of the voices for the English release.


The film was acquired by The Weinstein Company for distribution outside China with a new cast for the English voices including Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Edward Norton, Jim Gaffigan, Mike Birbiglia and Randall Park.

The story follows a Chinese family in danger of losing its family owned business — a wonton soup shop that’s been passed down for hundreds of years. When grandmother passes away, the restaurant is left in the hands of a little girl named Raindrop (Thorne) and her mother (Kidman). Millions of miles away in the Spirit World, we meet The Guardians — who have watched over and protected the humans on Earth for centuries.

Times are tough and two brother Guardians are forced to retire from the business they’ve loved since the beginning of time. Back down on Earth, Raindrop and her mom are fending off a rival soup shop owner’s attempt to sabotage the family restaurant. When the retired Guardian brothers find out, they spring into action, setting off the adventure.