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Sean Maguire To Return To ‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 6

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After Sean Maguire’s tearful exit at the end of season 5, it appears he will be returning for season 6 of Once Upon a Time! But how? Well, with this show, I’m positive they won’t disappoint. Despite being killed off toward the end of Season 5, Sean Maguire’s Robin Hood will resurface on ABC’s Once […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ Chicago Convention Coverage

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I attended Creation Entertainment’s first official Once Upon a Time convention this past weekend. Read about it below! *Warning: article may contain spoilers* Day 1 “What do you think stories are for? These stories? The classics? There’s a reason we all know them. They’re a way for us to deal with our world. A world […]

Event Preview: ‘Once Upon A Time’ Fan Convention

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Creation Entertainment is hosting the first official Once Upon a Time convention April 30-May 1! Guests include: Lana Parrilla: Regina Rebbeca Mader: Zalena/Wicked Witch Sean Maguire: Robin Hood Gil McKinney: Prince Eric Lee Arenberg: Grumpy/Leroy Tony Amendola: Gapetto Sinqua Walls: Lancelot Chris Gautheir: Smee Eion Baley: August Michael Coleman: Happy The event will take place […]