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12 of Our Most Anticipated February Reads

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February is not only the month of hearts, we also celebrate Black History Month. In Hollywood News Source, we always aim to include diverse voices. We believe that books are a significant platform in embracing visibility. In this political climate, it’s vital for us to celebrate what makes us unique, to offer empathy and support to […]

Romance Class Authors Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year to our readers! New Year’s resolutions for bookworms and authors are vastly different though there are some similarities. The most popular tune that I hear is, “I’m going to read more,” which is always a good thing. Other people also set some pretty generic ones such as, “eat less junk food, eat […]

Sixteen E-Books Under The Price of $5

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It’s difficult to fund your reading habits if you don’t have a source of income (or it’s limited) and you’re still dependent to your guardians. This is why I think this post might help you. I’ve listed below some of my personal favorites that are under $5 or free.  Young Adult Prom Queen Perfect by Clarisse […]