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Bob Newhart Returns to ‘The Big Bang Theory’

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Deadline reported, Bob Newhart will return to The Big Bang Theory for this latest season.  Newhart will be reprising his role as Arthur Jeffries/Professor Proton. He’s expected to make an appearance in the November 2 episode. Wil Wheaton, who also plays as Sheldon’s nemesis, is set to return.

Photos/ Video from The Big Bang Theory Episode 9.11 “The Opening Night Excitation”

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New promo for this week’s The Big Bang Theory episode 9.11 titled “The Opening Night Excitation” has been released! Check out the photos and videos below and be sure to tune in Thursday night on CBS! The Opening Night Excitation ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 14 Sheldon prays for answers. CBS also treated […]

Bob Newhart Returns to THE BIG BANG THEORY

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Bob Newhart will return to The Big Bang Theory to help out Sheldon. Bob Newhart will be returning as Arthur Jeffries in the Dec. 17th episode where he will help Sheldon come to an important decision. Arthur passed away but returned as a ghost – Jedi style in a previous episode. It is interesting to note […]