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Marina Benedict & Benjamin Stockham join ‘Gotham’

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Some new faces are coming to Gotham. Marina Benedict and Benjamin Stockham will join season 4! Marina Benedict, who played an ice-cold assassin on Fox’s Prison Breakrevival, now has Gotham in her crosshairs. Also new for Season 4 of the comic books-based drama is Benjamin Stockham (About a Boy‘s… boy), who will befriend young Master Wayne. TVLine […]

Benjamin Stockham Cast in ‘About a Boy’ Pilot

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Deadline reports young actor Benjamin Stockham has landed a role in the pilot About a Boy. Benjamin Stockham of NBC‘s 1600 Penn has been cast in the network’s single-camera comedy pilot About A Boy, which follows the relationship between Will (David Walton), a bachelor man-child who is going through a revolving door of women, and […]

Benjamin Stockham To Guest Star on ‘Once Upon A Time’

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1600 Penn star Benjamin Stockham will be guest starring on the 17th episode of Once Upon A Time.  Stockham will play Owen, a precocious, strong-willed kid who speaks his mind but his free-spirited, lively personality is all a facade, as he’s secretly dealing with the tragic death of his mom. Source:  The Hollywood Reporter