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We have learned a great deal about the final 10 episodes EVER of Pretty Little Liars so let’s break it down.


Executive Producer and creator I Marlene King was at the TCA and revealed among other things that there will be another time jump within the final 10 episodes and even revealed that it will be a one year time span.

Fellow EP Oliver Goldstick revealed that will we learn a lot more about Allison in these episodes, things that might help to explain her actions over the series if not forgive them. It was also confirmed that a lot of the supporting characters that fans have come to love will be back over the course over the final 10 episodes.

The final big reveal is that there will be a musical number featuring the cast singing which will likely delight fans to no ends.

Released this week was a new clip from first episode of the return when the Liars are assembled to open a mysterious gift sent to them.

Pretty Little Liars returns for the Final 10 episodes on 18 April, 2016 at 8pm 7pm central.