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We have more pilot casting news this time for from Amazon and CBS.


The Kicker – David Spade is set to co-star in the comedy about an athlete named Daryl Thorkelsonan cast adrift after getting cut from his team. Spade will play his brother and agent who tries to keep the athlete under control.

Untitled Comedy Pilot – Family comedy about a wife and mother who learns she was adopted and that her birth parents are a flamboyant but loving family of drag-racers, has cast Katey Sagal in a starring role. Sagal will play Julie, the wife of Wayne (Lynch) and the matriarch of the family. After Wayne lost an eye, Julie stepped in as the lead driver of Team Wheeler. Swoosie Kurtz co-stars as Margaret, a widowed mother with a sharp tongue who’s inclined to use it on her nearest and dearest.


The Interestings – The Amazon pilot has cast David Krumholtz. A character-driven drama based on Meg Wolitzer’s novel about a group of friends who meet at an arts camp when they’re 15 in 1974. The series chronicles their relationships throughout the next three decades dealing with the great expectations of youth juxtaposed with the realities life hands you as you get older.