MTV Casts Sophie Von Haselberg, Fahim Anwar & Rachel Hilson in New Pilot

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Deadline shares MTV‘s Nicole Byer pilot has cast its series regular with Sophie von Haselberg, Fahim Anwar and Rachel Hilson. You can read the full details below.

Sophie von Haselberg, Fahim Anwar and Rachel Hilson have been cast as series regulars opposite Nicole Byer in MTV’s untitled Nicole Byer pilot. They join previously cast Kimrie Lewis-Davis. Byer plays a young adult who is forced to move in with her sister and four kids in the suburbs after causing a fire in her New York City apartment. Aunt Nicole will offer her own brand of advice to her sister’s kids while trying to get her life back on track.

Von Haselberg will play Tess, who’s fun, unambitious, and always down for an adventure. She’s been in a few fights, kicked out of a few bars, and banned from a few Burger Kings. She works at a supermarket, lives in her mother’s basement and has no plans to change either situation. She’s an instigator and though she doesn’t mean to be this way, she’s a bad influence on Nicole. Anwar plays Sidd, who’s been one of Nicole’s closest friends since elementary school. As a Muslim kid, he was constantly picked on and learned to use his words instead of his fists to fend off bullies. Hilson is Emily, the oldest of Sarah’s children, already well aware of the power of her considerable charms, and not afraid to flaunt what she’s got. Older-acting than her years, she easily bonds with her Aunt Nicole, with whom she has a lot in common.

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