Mary Magdalene Biopic Wants Rooney Mara

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Rooney Mara is currently in talks to star in a Mary Magdalene biopic.

Rooney Mara at Costume Designers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills

Director Garth Davis is said to be very interested in getting Mara signed up for the role, he had this to say about her:

Rooney’s raw, brave approach to performances, coupled with her deeply magnetic inner life, holds all the dimensions needed to bring to life one of history’s most misunderstood woman — Mary Magdalene. Having worked with Rooney on Lion, I know she is a once in a lifetime talent.

Mary Magdalene was a devoted follower of Jesus Christ who is believed to have witnessed both his crucifixion and resurrection and incorrectly referred to as a prostitute (this seems to have sprung up as a belief over time though there is no mention of it in the gospels).