Greg Finley to Make Comeback on iZombie

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TVLine reported, iZombie is bringing Drake (Greg Finley’s character) back, but there’s a twist!

You can read below what CW has in store for Liv.

Even on a show where people literally rise from the dead, this iZombie return is kind of a surprise.
Greg Finley will appear in an upcoming episode of The CW zomedy, reprising the role of Liv’s ex-boyfriend Drake, TVLine has learned exclusively. When last we saw Drake in the second season finale, he was being killed (by Liv!) in order to save Clive.

So how does Liv’s (second) dead zombie boyfriend re-enter the picture? In the 10th episode of Season 3, Liv will eat the brains of a mentally disturbed man being haunted by the wife he killed in a car accident. By the rules of brain-eating, Liv will find herself similarly haunted.

iZombie‘s third season, premiering midseason, will also feature appearances by Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars), recurring as the brother-in-law of Fillmore Graves CEO Vivian Stoll, as well as Natalie Alyn Lind (The Goldbergs) and Andrew Caldwell (Good Luck, Charlie).

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